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2004 Model Year Pricing

Corvette Coupe $43735.00 (up $100 from 2003 final price)
Corvette Convertible $50735.00 (up $200 from 2003 final price)
Corvette Z06 $51585.00 ((up $150 from 2003 final price)

Corvette Coupe, Convertible/1SB Option Package $1200.00 (no increase)
Corvette Z06 Commemorative Z16/1SB Option Package $4335.00 (new package)
Corvette Coupe, Convertible Z15/1SC Option Package $3700.00 (new package)

R8C Corvette Museum Delivery $490.00 (no increase)
G92 Performance Axle Ratio $395.00 (no increase)
V49 Front License Plate Frame $15.00 (no increase)
DD0 Electrochromic Mirrors (Z06) $160.00 (up $40.00 from 2003 final price)
B84 Body Side Moldings $150.00 (no increase)
AAB Memory Package (Z06) $175.00 (no increase)
Z51 Performance Handling Package $395.00 (no increase)
79U Millennium Yellow Tint Coat $750.00 (no increase)
86U Magnetic Red Met Tint Coat $750.00 (no increase-not avail in 2003)
U1S 12 Disc CD Changer $600.00 (no increase)
C2L Dual Removable Package $1400.00 (up $200 from 2003 final price)
CC3 Transparent Roof Panel $750.00 (no increase)
F55 Magnetic Selective Ride Control $1695.00 (no increase)
MN6 6 Speed Manual Transmission $915.00 (no increase)
MX0 Automatic OD Transmission $0.00 (no increase)
N73 Magnesium Wheels $995.00 ($505.00 DECREASE from 2003 final price)
QF5 High Polished Wheels $1295.00 (no increase)

DEST Destination Charges $800.00 (no increase)

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2003 Corvette Pricing

Available Options
RPO Description Price   RPO Description Price
1YY07 Base Coupe $   G92 Perf. Axle Ratio $395
1SA Preferred Equipment Group $0    N73 Magnesium Wheels 1.500
1SB Option Package (Includes 1SA above) $1,200        
1SC Option Package (Includes 1SB above) $2,700   LS1 Std. 5.7L SFI Aluminum V8 350 hp Engine $0
1YY67 Base Convertible $   LS6 5.7L SFI Aluminum V8, 405 hp Engine (1YY37 only) $0
1SB Option Package (Includes 1SA above) $1,800   MN6 6-speed Manual (1YY07/1YY37) $915
1SC Option Package 50th Package (Includes 1SB above) $5,000   MX0 M30 Auto. Transmission (1YY07/1YY37) $0
1YY37 Base Hardtop - Z06 Model $50,485        
AAB Memory Package (Requires DD0) $175        
        QF5 Deluxe High Polish Wheels (Not avail. w/Z06) $1,295
B84 Body Side Moldings $150        
CC3 Blue Transparent Roof Panel $750   R8C Museum Delivery Package $490
C2L Dual Roof Package $1,200   U1S Remote Compact 12-Disc Changer $600
        UL0 AM/FM Cassette (1YY07/1YY67) (Reqs. U1S) $600
DD0 Electronic Monochromatic Mirrors (Requires AAB) $120   V49 Front License Plate Frame $15
FE1 Base Suspension NA        
F55 Magnetic Selective 
Ride Control
$1,695   Z51 Perf. Handling Pkg. $395
79U Millennium Yellow Paint w/ Tint $750   86U Magnetic Red II Metallic Paint $750

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